AC/DC – Rock or Bust (2014)

«Rock or Bust» es el nuevo álbum de la agrupación australiana de hard rock AC/DC, lanzado el pasado 2 de diciembre de 2014 por Columbia. Se trata del decimosexto álbum en la carrera del grupo y al mismo tiempo el más corto, con una duración inferior a los 35 minutos. Este disco es el primero sin Malcolm Young, el miembro guitarrista y fundador del grupo quien tuvo que apartarse por problemas de salud.

AC/DC – Rock or Bust (2014)

AC-DC - Rock or Bust (2014)


Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores frases que podemos encontrar en este disco de AC/DC:

  1. We hear the siren scream, it sounds so lean to me
  2. We love to shake it down, know what we’re talkin’ bout
  3. We turn the amps up high, the crowd’s gonna hit the sky
  4. We play it fast and loose because this night we’re gonna pull a fuse
  5. Come on, man, don’t mend the mood, come in and join the crowd
  6. Party time. I’m not home to lose, come on and shout it out loud, let’s play ball
  7. Let’s play ball and never stall, play, play, play ball
  8. Drivin’ in my car, headed for the local bar
  9. Pickin’ up my girl tonight, everything is gonna be alright
  10. Shootin’ pool with my friends, smokin’ cigarettes
  11. Tellin’ jokes out loud, we’re laughing way too proud
  12. Well we’re back and I’m on the loose, hit me, hear me, feel the juice
  13. She eye you up, she eye you down, make you, make you stand up proud
  14. Miss adventure, hot surprise, bare essential, yeah that’s nice
  15. Miss adventure, feelin’ real, confidential, lips are sealed
  16. You be a fightin’ man, make all the cash you can
  17. Don’t mix and feel your tide, they wanna risk their lives
  18. Takin’ all you can, riskin’ ain’t in the plan
  19. Feel the boots upon the ground, trouble brewin’ all around
  20. Well, I’m headin’ on out, down to a major town
  21. I’m gettin’ hungry, I’m gettin’ mean, I’m gettin’ down on easy street
  22. Any luck I can find, I’m feelin’ dust, I’m gettin’ wild
  23. I’m in town, ready to go, I be around and now ya getcha, now ya getcha
  24. Feeling low, going down slow
  25. Make you quake, make a body shake
  26. Trying to hold you down, they can’t push you around
  27. They try to hold you back, getting on the right track
  28. I said ride ride ride, up all night, ride, it’ll blow your mind
  29. Baptism by the fire, the rock and rolling tires
  30. Baptism by the fire, you spark a burning wire
  31. Play your hand, come on and make a stand
  32. Mistress, mistress all night long, keep on coming hard and strong
  33. Hot to the touch, hot to the taste, oozin’ out on my plate
  34. I’m gonna yell out, she’s gonna shout, she gonna push her all the way down
  35. Gonna kick up her heels, make you scream, rock on out baby, make you squeal
  36. Here she come yeah, doing that thing yeah
  37. Make the boys go wild, yeah sweet child
  38. She do a dance, slides down a pole
  39. She turn a backflip, make your heart roll
  40. Come in emission control, emission control, it’s good for the soul, yeah
  41. Turn on emission, the engine comes alive
  42. She takes to pairing mama, like a lion ready to strike (Ready to strike), hey yeah
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