MARIAH CAREY – Music Box (1993)

«Music Box» es el tercer trabajo discográfico editado por la cantante norteamericana Mariah Carey, lanzado el 31 de agosto de 1993 por la casa disquera Columbia. Con este álbum, la artista quería expandir su público, por ello incluyó diversos tipos de órganos además de instrumentos adicionales, todo con el fin de dar un toque más «pop» a sus temas. Fue un trabajo exitoso, llegando a la primera posición en muchos países alrededor del mundo.


MARIAH CAREY – Music Box (1993)



Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores frases que podemos encontrar este disco de Mariah Carey:

  1. I need a lover to give me the kind of love that will last always
  2. I need somebody uplifting to take me away
  3. I want a lover who knows me, who understands how i feel inside
  4. someone to comfort and hold me through the long lonely nights
  5. And then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on
  6. And you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive
  7. So when you feel like hope is gone look inside you and be strong
  8. And you’ll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you
  9. anytime you need a friend i will be here
  10. you’ll never be alone again so don’t you fear
  11. even if you’re miles away i’m by your side
  12. so don’t you ever be lonely, love will make it alright
  13. When you tell me i’m the only one you need, sweet and tenderly
  14. And your love breaks away the clouds surrounding me
  15. All i have i want to give to thee
  16. If i should fall, your love is strong enough to life me up
  17. I never knew if i could believe in you
  18. I thought i was just a diversion and you were killing some time
  19. my friends they told me to leave you
  20. They said you would never be mine
  21. I won’t see your smileand i won’t hear you laugh anymore
  22. every night i won’t see you walk through that door
  23. ‘cause time wasn’t on your side it isn’t right
  24. I can’t say i love you, it’s too late to tell you
  25. No i can’t forget this evening or your face as you were leaving
  26. but i guess that’s just the way the story goes
  27. you always smile, but in your eyes your sorrow shows, yes, it shows
  28. no i can’t forget tomorrow when i think of all my sorrow
  29. Even though you’re not my lover
  30. Even though you’re not my friend
  31. I’d give my all ro have you here just to hold you once again
  32. We’ve known each other for a long long time
  33. But I never really noticed all the magic in your eyes
  34. I’ve been around you a thousand times before
  35. And you’ve always been a friend to me but now I’m wanting more
  36. If you only knew what I feel for you
  37. If you only lived for me and I lived for you
  38. I’d be in heaven my dreams would come true
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