PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS – Red Rose Speedway (1973)

«Red Rose Speedway» es el título del segundo álbum lanzado por la agrupación británica WINGS, también conocida bajo el nombre de PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS. El disco fue lanzado en primavera de 1973 por el sello Apple Records. Fue el mayor éxito comercial de la carrera en solitario Paul McCartney, escalando hasta la primera posición de los Billboard 200 en EE.UU. Fue certificado disco de oro por la RIAA al rebasar con creces el medio millón de unidades vendidas.


PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS – Red Rose Speedway (1973)


Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores frases que podemos encontrar en este disco de Paul McCartney:

  1. Who’s That Coming Round That Corner
  2. Who’s That Coming Round That Bend
  3. Who’s That Coming Round That Corner, Will It, Will It Be My Friend
  4. Keep On Sleeping In A Big Barn Bed
  5. And when the cupboard’s bare I’ll still find somethin’ there with my love
  6. It’s understood, it’s everywhere with my love, and my love does it good
  7. All at once you get love on your mind and your world is as kind as a penny
  8. oh…. and you knew it all along, you did the right thing believe me its true, and it can happen to you
  9. All at once you get sound in your ears and your cloud disappears into yellow
  10. I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You Little Girl, let’s Make It One To Remember, only One More Kiss
  11. I Said A Foolish Thing Last Night, I Didn’t Think You’d Take It Bad
  12. But Now I’m On My Way Again And Just Before I Go
  13. I Have No Answer For You Little Lamb, I Can Help You Out but I Cannot Help You In
  14. Sometimes You Think That Life Is Hard and This Is Only One Of Them
  15. My Heart Is Breaking For You Little Lamb, I Can Help You Out, but We May Never Meet Again
  16. Single Pigeon Through The Railing, Did She Throw You Out
  17. Sunday Morning Fight About Saturday Night
  18. Single Seagull Gliding Over Regent’s Park Canal
  19. Do You Need A Pal For A Minute Or Two… You Do?
  20. Well The Night Was Beautiful And Mellow, Mellow
  21. And The Light Of The Night Fell On Me, Fell On Me
  22. You Said Right, made Me A Happy Fellow, Fellow
  23. I’ve waited all my life for you
  24. Hold me tight, take care of me and I’ll be right
  25. Hold me tight hold me tight, hold me tight hugga me right
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