QUEEN – Queen (1973)

«Queen» es el título del primer álbum editado por la legendaria agrupación británica de rock Queen, lanzado en 1973 por EMI, Parlophone (Europa), Elektra, Hollywood Records (EE.UU.). El álbum estuvo influenciado por el heavy metal y hard rock de aquella época, al igual que por el rock de la costa inglesa. Su líder y vocalista Freddie Mercury compuso la mitad de las canciones en el álbum. Con el pasar de los años, se ha convertido en el álbum más emblemático de la agrupación, principalmente para los miles de seguidores del grupo alrededor del mundo.


QUEEN – Queen (1973)




Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores frases que podemos encontrar este disco de Queen:

  1. I was told a million times of all the troubles in my way
  2. tried to grow a little wiser little better ev’ry day
  3. but if i crossed a million rivers and i rode a million miles
  4. then i’d still be where i started bread and butter for a smile
  5. Yesterday my life was in ruin
  6. now today i know what i’m doing
  7. got a feeling i should be doing all right, doing all right
  8. Where will i be this time tomorrow?
  9. Great king rat died today born on the twenty first of may
  10. died syphilis forty four on his birthday
  11. every second word he swore
  12. yes he was the son of a whore always wanted by the law
  13. In the land where horses born with eagle wings and honey bees have lost their stings
  14. there’s singing forever lions den with fallow deer and rivers made from wines so clear flow on and on forever
  15. dragons fly like sparrows thru’ the air and baby lambs where samson dares to go on on on on on on
  16. My fairy king can see things he rules the air and turns the tides
  17. I have sinned dear father father i have sinned
  18. try and help me father won’t you let me in? liar
  19. nobody believes me liar, why don’t they leave me alone?
  20. sire i have stolen stolen many times, raised my voice in anger
  21. When i was young it came to me and i could see the sun breakin’
  22. lucy was high and so was i dazzling, holding the world inside
  23. once i believed in ev’ryone, ev’ryone and anyone can see
  24. Had to make do with a worn out rock and roll scene
  25. The old bop is gettin’ tired need a rest
  26. Well you know what I mean
  27. Fifty eight that was great
  28. Tried to be a son and daughter rolled into one
  29. you said you’d equal any man for having your fun
  30. now didn’t you feel surprised to find the cap just didn’t fit
  31. And then i saw him in the crowd
  32. a lot of people had gathered round him
  33. the beggars shouted the lepers called him
  34. the old man said nothing, he just stared about him
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