ROXETTE – Dance Passion (1987)

“Dance Passion” es el título del primer disco de remixes del grupo sueco de rock/pop Roxette, editado por EMI en 1987. El disco recopila remezclas del primer disco de la agrupación “Pearls of Passion”. El álbum fue publicado exclusivamente en formato vinilo y nunca se lanzó en formato CD, además sólo se editó en territorio sueco, por lo que es una pieza de colección muy atractiva para coleccionistas y seguidores del grupo en general.



ROXETTE – Dance Passion (1987)


Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores frases que podemos encontrar en este disco de Roxette:

  1. It’s a madman’s situation,reminiscing in the rain,and i’ve lost your love again,
  2. i call your name and i don’t want to think about it when i go to sleep at night,
  3. can you hear it in the wind? i call your name. i call your name… and i close the door behind me,
  4. i turn the lights all down, there’s no-one there beside me
  5. Save a prayer for a sinner and a saint, my baby’s coming back.
  6. say a prayer, hide hide away yea baby’s coming back.
  7. hey hey hey, ain’t gonna trouble his wandering mind,
  8. gonna take on the time to find out if my love is
  9. soul deep – spinning the heart round a wire.
  10. soul deep – a heavenly wave.
  11. soul deep – heating the heart like a fire,
  12. soul deep is taking my breath away-ay-ay.
  13. Take the line between us and hold it close to you,
  14. i want us to get together, like lovers do.
  15. let me kiss away your troubles, the cold and lonely nights,
  16. just take this heart i’m giving and love is on the rise.
  17. like lovers do – want to hold you thru the night,
  18. like lovers do – and when i look into your eyes,
  19. like lovers do – oh i’m drowning in an ocean of emotion.
  20. Chasing your shadow, the senses together,
  21. four-leafed and clever i come from behind.
  22. chasing your shadow, i wander in circles,
  23. you’re one in a million, we’re two of a kind.
  24. it’s you that i long for, it’s you that i hunger,
  25. oh you are the maker of waves in my mind.
  26. Goodbye to you, goodbye to broken hearts,
  27. goodbye to romance, hiding in the dark, nights that leave a scar.
  28. goodbye to you, goodbye to empty cards,
  29. goodbye to this ball of bliss, i’m dancing from your arms.
  30. and i fill the bedroom with silent visions of rain.
  31. I move all right, i got the wheels going round, making ways in the night.
  32. yea we’re movin’ all right, wipin’ the rain from the ground and the pale from the sky
  33. but something happens in his heart when the morning comes
  34. the secrets that she keeps away from me, the tears on the pillow
  35. she don’t want me to see, well every little thing she does is for me
  36. You wake me up in the middle of the night and burn the cover down.
  37. you’re on the phone in the air like a record try to spin me around.
  38. oh won’t you move away, oh honey get away.
  39. the joy of a toy, is it all that you came for?
  40. the joy of a toy got the look of a lie.
  41. the joy of a toy put the hurt into action.
  42. the joy of a toy, you can kiss this love goodbye.
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