THE DOORS – Other Voices (1971)

«Other Voices» es el título de la séptima producción discográfica de la famosa banda estadounidense de rock The Doors publicado en 1971 por el sello discográfico Elektra. El disco es notable por la ausencia de su cantante y líder Jim Morrison quien se suicidó ese mismo año. La grabación del álbum se llevó a cabo mientras Jim estaba fuera de los EE.UU, más precisamente en Francia.

THE DOORS – Other Voices (1971)



Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores frases que podemos encontrar en este disco de The Doors:

  1. In the eye of the sun before the world had begun
  2. Takin’ it easy, I was havin’ some fun
  3. Loafin’ anda jokin’ it was all energy
  4. No such thing as you and or me. no time, you are mine
  5. In the eye of the sun before the world had begun
  6. Well variety is the spice of life, thats what the judge is gonna tell my wife
  7. She said why did you have to do it?, why you such a fool?
  8. I can’t resist to try something new
  9. Well you asked how much I love you
  10. Why do ships with sails love the wind?
  11. And will I be thinking of you, Will I ever pass this way again
  12. I’ll be returning some day
  13. You’re on a tightrope ride, nobody by your side
  14. Well, you’re all alone, gotta find a new home
  15. Don’t go over the line. You better keep on time or you’ll lose your mind on your tightrope ride
  16. Don’t need none today, his mind has gone astray ‘xause we don’t need none today
  17. Did you hear what I say? Don’t need none today
  18. Well I’m tired, I’m nervous, I’m bored, I’m stoned
  19. Don’t you know life aint so easy when you’re on your own
  20. I’m lonely, I’m ugly, I’m horny, I’m cold
  21. Don’t you know life aint so easy when you’re on your own
  22. No matter if the sun or stars say I’m wrong it’s just a song of the lonely wandering musician
  23. I’m telling you, aint nothing you can do to change my way
  24. No, no, no, no, no, aint no way gonna make me think like you do
  25. Sweet bird of prey you’ve gone below all soft and black it’s time to grow
  26. Don’t be afraid to touch the light, don’t run from love in the starless night
  27. Hang on to your life it’s begun now, hang on paradise here we come now
  28. Life is like the wind, where does it begin?
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